Thibaut Metivet

Inria researcher in the Elan team
Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes

My research interests focus on the simulation of complex natural systems through the numerical resolution of the governing equations. I am particularly interested in large multidisciplinary problems which involve difficult numerical challenges and seek to control the full research pipeline from the modelling of the system to the implementation of efficient numerical methods for the resolution of its dynamics on parallel architectures.

The purpose of my research goes from really fundamental features such as the understanding of physical systems to more applied goals like the study of blood flow in elastic vessels or numerical methods for computer graphics.

More specifically, I work on the following topics :

  • Finite element methods for multi-fluid flows
  • Numerical simulation of rigid granular media and crowds
  • Numerical methods for thin elastic structures and fluid-structure coupling
  • Preconditioning strategies for HPC fluid-structure simulations